Paw patrol: Products for happy feet

March 13, 2019

Avoid injured paw pads and muddy floors with these veterinary solutions.

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Power Paws Reinforced Foot

With 13 sizes to choose from, the Power Paws Reinforced Foot from Woodrow Wear are a good fit for any size dog. The reinforced foot of the socks makes them durable for outdoor activities, and they protect paws from wounds, allergens and harsh weather of both the hot and cold varieties. With their added traction, the socks also provide support for dogs with hip dysplasia, arthritis and other joint problems.  

Learn more about Power Paws Reinforced Foot here.


After a rainy spring day, there's no need for owners to struggle with their dogs to run a towel over their muddy paws. The Mudbuster from Dexas is a quick cleaning solution for dirty paws that prevents mess from being tracked all over the house. The Mudbuster tumbler is filled with thick, gentle silicone bristles. After adding water, insert a muddy paw for a quick and easy clean.

Learn more about Mudbuster here.  


This artificial grass from ForeverLawn is designed with dogs in mind. K9Grass has a short, dense blade structure and antimicrobial protection, which offers a cleaner, safer, better-smelling yard for pets. It provides relief from cold concrete, uncomfortable gravel and mulch, and muddy yards and paws. K9Grass is a clean, safe, attractive solution for backyards and boarding facilities.

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