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Pfizer Animal Health announces the development of the Pfizer Animal Health Sedation and Pain Management Team

Pfizer Animal Health announces the development of the Pfizer Animal HealthSedation and Pain Management Team, a service for veterinarians and staffmembers interested in enhancing sedation and pain management techniquesand protocols. The Sedation and Pain Management Team will provide educationand specialized consultation at the veterinary practice level, the companysays. Focusing on the entire hospital staff, the team will help veterinaryprofessionals learn new techniques to assess and manage patient pain. Thesix-person team is comprised of veterinarians from the fields of anesthesiology,surgery and emergency medicine, as well as a veterinary technician withextensive training in anesthetic and pain management techniques. Educationalmodules offered by the specialized team will target specific aspects ofsedation and pain management. Topics include pain physiology, assessmentand monitoring, therapeutics, acute and perioperative pain, chronic painand pain management for senior and critically-ill patients and anestheticmonitoring. These modules can be used as continuing education and reviewfor experienced staff members and to train new employees. In some cases,vidoes, CD-ROMs and other educational materials will be used to demonstratetechniques and procedures, the company says.

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