Medit Inc. introduces the multipurpose Oto-Endoscope.

Medit Inc. introduces the multipurpose Oto-Endoscope.

The endoscope has been designed as a universal diagnostic device for multipurpose veterinary applications.

This endoscope can be used for external and middle-ear otoscopy, rhino-scopy, vaginoscopy, anoscopy and mini- diagnostical laparoscopy.

The Oto-Endoscope set consists of 2.7-mm by 108-mm long, 0-degree view endoscope and special attachments (sheaths) for each main application.

The sheath set has a 2-mm operational otoscopy sheath channel, which allows the user to use flexible instruments (biopsy and grasping) to retrieve foreign bodies, remove particles, hair or serum. Other advantages of an operational channel are the ability to effectively irrigate the ear canal or middle ear and to aspirate it. This sheath can be used also to do short diagnostical laparoscopy with aid of additional laparoscopy equipment.

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