Otitis in puppies: How to help veterinary clients watch for signs

March 17, 2020
dvm360 Staff

Otitis in puppies (especially those floppy-eared cuties) can be tricky for pet owners to catch until the infection is well on its way to causing pain and discomfort. Give clients this handout so they can recognize clinical signs of otitis as early as possible.

Playful puppies might scratch their ears occasionally, but do your dog owners understand what constitutes normal ear scratching and a truly itchy, infected ear?

Because dogs’ ear issues often top the list of common pet insurance claims and can often prove to be one of those perennial, chronic problems in dogs, it’s very important that new dog owners understand and identify signs of ear infections.

Use this handout to help new puppy owners see the signs of otitis, ear inflammation and other issues before they become painful.