OSU: $50 Million Donation Will Enhance Veterinary College, Animal Hospital

January 22, 2018
Amanda Carrozza

Amanda Carrozza is a freelance writer and editor in New Jersey.

An Oregon State University alumnus donated $50 million to expand the school’s veterinary teaching hospital and support research.

The year is off to a wonderful start for Oregon State University (OSU). Last week, school officials announced they had renamed the college of veterinary medicine in recognition of the alumnus donor who made a historic $50 million commitment.

Now known as the Gary R. Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine, OSU will use the funds to more than double the size of its small ­animal teaching hospital, which will include the addition of radiation equipment to treat animals with cancer. The donation will also support the university’s growing class size, bolster critical research, and enable the creation of an endowment to attract and keep veterinary instructors.

“Dr. Carlson’s generosity will enhance the care we provide to animals and ensure graduating veterinarians are familiar with the most current medical technology. That will benefit countless people and the animals that many consider members of the family,” said Ed Ray PhD, president of OSU.

Gary R. Carlson, MD, who currently practices dermatology in California, graduated from OSU in 1974 and said his love of dogs inspired him to make the large donation.

“As I began thinking about how I might make a difference in this world, I thought about those things that matter most to me,” Dr. Carlson said. “High on the list was the joy that our pets so often give us—a special comfort and support that allows us to embrace life more fully. I wanted to do something that would enrich that experience and help us better understand and for our ‘best friends.’”

The Gary R. Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine becomes the first named college at Oregon State University and only the second named veterinary school in the country.