One veterinary dental trend you'd like to see vanish


This expert sees false hope for many in one offering.

When we asked Fetch dvm360 conference speaker Mary Berg, BS, RVT, RLATG, VTS (dentistry), for one trend she'd like to see disappear, she didn't have to think long. Without hesitation she named anesthesia-free dentistry.

But wait-shouldn't it be goal to keep patients off of anesthesia where possible? Yes, but there's one drawback.

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How to sharpen dental scalers and curettes.

Coffee on the Couch: A conversation with veterinary technician Mary Berg.

Front Desk Disasters, Episode 5: Dazed and confused.

"It can only be done on about ten percent of the patients, and those patients have to have either a grade one or a grade two periodontal disease in order for it to be effective," she says.

This leads to confusion for clients who of course want anesthesia-free treatment for their pets, but for whom it's not an option. It also lures owners whose pet have had done into a false sense of calm as Berg notes that the procedure is not for every pet, every time.

Overall, she feels that putting pets under anesthesia for dental work is best:

"It's up to the veterinary team to explain the need for anesthetized dental cleanings in order to promote the best health," Berg says.

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