Old problems, new solutions: 4 products to streamline your veterinary practice


Your old standbys might be slowing you down. Get a new perspective with these products from the dvm360 Marketplace.

These products will make life easier for both vets and pets. (Happy monkey / stock.adobe.com)


The Cubex Mini is designed to take the stress out of drug storage. The compact medication dispenser provides an affordable solution for DEA-compliant storage and management of controlled substances. Transactions are automatically recorded without keys or manual logbooks, giving your team easy access to the medications your patients need. The fingerprint ID required for every transaction ensures accountability.

Read more about the Cubex Mini here.

Courtesy Cubex.


This wearable monitor makes it easy for veterinarians to track a patient's progress, including their recovery from surgery, response to medications and changes associated with illness and disease. With modules including Cage Rest, Exercise and Food Plans, Behavior Summaries and more, HeyrexVet can help veterinary professionals address and resolve the myriad challenges that arise in their practice daily.

Read more about HeyrexVet here.

Courtesy Hyrex

3M Bair Hugger Animal Health Blankets

Quit worrying about leaky water mattresses or exposed electrical components caused by stray claws. The 3M Bair Hugger Animal Health Blanket provides safe and effective warming therapy, available in a variety of shapes and sizes, whether you're treating a horse, a kitten, or something in between.

Learn more about 3M Bair Hugger Animal Health Blankets here.

Courtesy 3M.

The Sputer Shirt

Put a stop to the E-collar fight with the Spay-Neuter Shirt from VetMedWear. Fully universal for male and female dogs, cats and rabbits, it's a safer, more effective approach to postoperative care. The shirt is designed to prevent animals from scratching, biting or licking at abdominal wounds, keeping surgical sites clean and reducing risk of infection. Compared to E-collars, it's also proven to reduce stress for patients. The gentle pressure around the animal's body is like a hug, creating a calming effect.

Read more about the Sputer Shirt here.

Courtesy VetMedWear.

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