NVA donates $10 million to Ethos Discovery


Funds will support innovation in veterinary medicine to enhance the lives of pets and pet owners

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National Veterinary Associates (NVA), an international pet care organization and community of veterinary clinics and pet resorts, has granted a $10 million donation to Ethos Discovery, a nonprofit incubator committed to accelerating veterinary medicine. NVA’s donation will offer a foundation for the organization’s endowment fund and provide continual funding for research projects that transform the future of veterinary care for pets and pet owners.

“NVA is very proud to support the work of Ethos Discovery,” expressed Greg Hartmann, CEO of NVA, in a company release.1 “The NVA community shares a deep commitment to medical innovation and transformative care that will propel our industry forward. I am confident that our leading veterinary teams, as well as veterinary teams across the globe, will benefit from Ethos Discovery’s cutting-edge research and development of novel diagnostic and treatment options for complex medical conditions improving the lives of the pets we love.”

Ethos Discovery was founded by members of Ethos Veterinary Health, an emergency and specialty hospital group that recently joined the NVA family. Ethos Discovery works in tandem with clinical teams at Ethos Veterinary Health and partners with academics and professionals throughout the animal health industry to advance veterinary medicine.

“This is the largest contribution Ethos Discovery has received to date and will support our commitment to research, innovation and fulfilling unmet needs in veterinary medicine,” said Chand Khanna, DVM, PhD, president of Ethos Discovery. “With NVA’s support, we are well-positioned to broaden our scientific portfolio, expand the number of patients that receive care though clinical trials and accelerate our ability to deliver novel research and valuable insights. We applaud NVA’s commitment to transforming veterinary care and look forward to collaborating with their medical teams as we advance our shared commitment to medical advancement.”

Ethos Discovery currently has various studies with a focus on discovering cures or enhancing treatment options. Some of the promising studies include1:

  • improving the life span of dogs with Hemangiosarcoma, via new medical treatment;
  • improved care for patients undergoing chemotherapy via faster detection of low white blood cell counts and resulting risk of sepsis;
  • improved care for dogs and cats with pneumonia by creating a diagnostic test that takes hours instead of days to identify if bacteria in the lungs is antibiotic resistant.


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