November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month


Help pet owners celebrate their senior cats by offering them optimum health. The AAFP serves up some handouts and guides to make senior care simpler.

Ready to teach cat owners the care their senior kitties need? These free tips and tools include:

> Handout on top 10 tips on caring for senior cats.

How to use it: Share with cat owners during their visits, post on social media and email it to your clients with senior cats. When clients with older pets visit, this handout offers a take-home tool that extends your healthcare message after the veterinary visit.

> Link to the AAFP's new web page on senior cats.

How to use it: This is also a great social media and e-newsletter resource, and you can link to this page from your own website so pet owners are reading trusted pet care information.

> Cat owner brochure, Friends for Life.

How to use it: Use this step-by-step guide in your new pet packets or select specific tools to highlight during cats' regular wellness visits. For example, you can use the mature, senior and geriatric guides to talk about different stages that qualify as senior or serve up mealtime tips to handle finicky felines with picky palates.

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