Non-pharmaceutical products for noise aversion


Consider these solutions to help calm your petrified veterinary patients.

The world is filled with fireworks, thunderstorms and many other big bad sounds that leave pets trembling with fear. Here are three non-pharmaceutical products for noise aversion:

Photo courtesy of Thundershirt.comWrap up those thunderstruck pets

The ThunderShirt, a vest for calming anxiety related to noise aversion, applies gentle, constant pressure to help calm a pet owners petrified fur-baby. Think of it like a hug in a shirt. According to their website, the ThunderShirt provides a calming effect for more than 80% of dogs-which seems like a ratio worth the $45. It should be worth noting that the ThunderShirt seems to be targeted to petrified pooches rather than fearful felines. Unless you're into the ‘ole “freeze and flop.”

Photo courtesy of Zendogcrate.comHelp pets find their Zen

Anti-anxiety dog den, the ZenCrate, plays calming music once it detects an animal entering the enclosure. The crate, designed by PNP Robotics, was made to keep the scary sounds out and the calming sounds in. While the crate keeps the harsh sounds of the environment out, it also protects to environment by using only water-based polyurethane on the crate. The ZenCrate has a sensor that alerts the crate to your dog's nearness, battery backup just in case and a motor activated fan to bring an extra level of comfort. That's pretty darn Zen.

Photo courtesy of Petacoustics.comKeep 'em ultra-calm

Pet Acoustics Incorporated presents its anti-anxiety collar, aptly named the Ultra Calmer. This collar combats noise aversion by playing music specifically created to soothe dogs. Think boombox designed to make your dog chill. The volume can be adjusted to suit the dog's agitation level. Does the dog in question hop into the nearest body of water when scared? No worries, this bad boy is water-resistant with a three-hour battery life and comes with a USB charger. Not sure how long the stress will last? The Ultra Calmer also comes with a continuous play option to keep the calm for as long as necessary. 

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