News wrap-up: Feline neutering, drug DISCO, rabies, and more

August 23, 2020
dvm360 Staff

Top headlines of the week: State VMAs endorse Feline Fix by Five Months, rabies update, drug DISCO, and The Vet Blast Podcast with guest Steve Dale.

We know you're busy, so we try to keep the latest veterinary news right at your fingertips. Check out some news highlights from this week:

  • The state veterinary medical associations in Maine, Arkansas, Kentucky, and Mississippi have endorsed Feline Fix by Five Months, an educational campaign that promotes the spaying or neutering cats before 5 months of age.
  • With World Rabies Day coming up next month, we share an update on what international organizations Mission Rabies and the Global Alliance for Rabies Control are doing to eradicate this deadly—and persistent—disease.
  • We also take a look at the One Health initiative that is stepping beyond science to generate more treatments more quickly for canine and human cancer. It's called Drug DISCO, and it may just be the push the cancer world needs.
  • And finally, in our latest podcast, Dr. Christman talks with pet expert Steve Dale about some ground-breaking research and shares a few nuggets about his upcoming Fetch dvm360 Conference talks.

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