NewDay Veterinary Care clinics launch at Pet Paradise


The animal health care facilities are located at 24 of the company’s pet resorts.

Credit: NewDay Veterinary Care

Credit: NewDay Veterinary Care

NewDay Veterinary Care, a network of veterinary hospitals and clinics offering animal care in a convenient setting, has launched at 24 Pet Paradise resorts in the United States. Owned and operated by Pet Paradise, the clinics are designed to provide complete, high-quality, compassionate pet health care.1

NewDay, formerly known as Pet Paradise Veterinary Care, builds upon the foundation of trust earned through Pet Paradise’s 20 years of experience in all-inclusive pet care, according to an organizational press release. At the company’s core, it aims to creating a superior pet care experience, added Pet Paradise CEO and President Fernando Acosta-Rua.

“As we continued to expand our footprint and add veterinary services to our locations, it was clear that our customers wanted both top-quality and convenient veterinary care. NewDay does just that—combining comprehensive wellness plans, bundled pet care services, cutting-edge technology, and experienced veterinary care teams—all in a resort-style environment,” said Acosta-Rua, in the release.

NewDay Veterinary Care is also committed to creating a premium veterinary experience for its veterinarians and care teams. According to the company, it is dedicated to paving a path for positive change in the veterinary industry by prioritizing work/life balance, and encouraging innovative and proactive care with new tools, technology, and offerings.

“We support our veterinarians through a positive work environment built on work/life balance and community, by prioritizing continued education, offering competitive salaries and incentives, and by offering a best-in-class veterinary student loan repayment program,” said Jaime Klimsey Pickett, DVM, MBA, chief veterinary office for Pet Paradise, in the release. “As our offerings continue to evolve, our top priority is to provide our veterinarians, pets and pet parents with the highest quality medicine.”

To prioritize quality over quantity, NewDay offers its veterinarians the flexibility to spend more time with each patient, rather than focusing on meeting a quota of patient visits per day. This personalized approach leads to better patient outcomes and stronger relationships, according to Pet Paradise.

NewDay Veterinary Care offers a variety of services that include routine exams and consultations, diagnostics, vaccinations, surgical procedures, radiology, and dental cleanings. The clinics also offer monthly wellness plans at a variety of price points to help pet parents with easily maintaining their pet’s health through preventative care, including unlimited office visits, annual exams, and vaccines.

NewDay’s locations at Pet Paradise allow clients to enjoy a more relaxing and playful experience than at a typical veterinary clinic. Pet parents have the option to schedule vaccinations and examinations in between a visiting pet’s playtime at the Camp + Care program. By creating a familiar environment and associating the clinic with playtime, NewDay creates a less stressful environment for pets and veterinary teams, according to the company press release.

NewDay Veterinary Care clinics can be found at Pet Paradise locations in Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, and Texas. The company also plans to open 8-10 new clinics per year to bring quality care to more pet families. The next location is scheduled to open in May 2022, in Odessa, Florida.


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