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New video series informs pet owners on dog and cat nutrition


Veterinarian offers insight on reading a pet food label, maintaining a healthy body weight, and more

spyrakot / stock.adobe.com

spyrakot / stock.adobe.com

The Pet Food Institute (PFI), the national trade association representing US dog and cat food makers, has released a new video series entitled “Vet Talks” that informs pet parents on achieving and maintaining an optimal body condition for their dogs and cats. Featuring Danielle Conway, DVM, Rarebreed Veterinary Partners, it offers advice on sound nutrition and covers the most frequently asked questions regarding pet food labels, ingredients, nutrients and feeding guidelines.

"One of the most important factors in maintaining optimal health and wellness for pets is controlled by pet owners at home," expressed Conway, in an organizational release.1 "By choosing an appropriate, complete and balanced pet food and sticking to recommended feeding guidelines, pet owners are guaranteeing that dogs and cats are getting the more than 40 essential nutrients they need to maintain an ideal weight and live a healthy life."

Over half of US dogs (56%) and cats (60%) are overweight or obese,2 which can cause serious health risks, including diabetes, respiratory disease, or kidney disease. The new PFI video series provides easy tips and adjustments to feeding and treating habits that can promote safe pet care.

"By partnering with their veterinarian, pet owners can make an easy-to-follow plan that will set their pet up for a long and healthy life," said Kelly Kanaras, PFI director of communications. "This video series was developed with consumer questions in mind, and Dr Conway helps take the complexity out of pet nutrition. We want to empower pet owners to take control of their pet's weight by offering these easy-to-follow videos that are intended to feel like they are at a veterinary visit."

Topics addressed in the video series include reading a pet food label, feeding guidelines, pet food ingredients and nutrients, maintaining a healthy body weight and therapeutic versus over-the-counter pet foods.1 What’s more Conway displays how to conduct at-home assessments on dogs and cats to identify if they are potentially over or underweight. She also shares a resource that pet parents can take to their next veterinary visit to discuss their pet's healthy weight.

Along with “Vet Talks," PFI has created comprehensive web content that highlights suggestions for feeding and treating practices. Find the new video series here.


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