New study aims to identify genetic markers linked to fatal canine cancer


The study will be funded by Morris Animal Foundation



Morris Animal Foundation announced it is funding a new study working to identify genetic markers that could make a dog more susceptible to hemangiosarcoma, one of the deadliest canine cancers. The study will be conducted at Utrecht University in the Netherlands and will use data from Morris Animal Foundation’s Golden Retriever Lifetime study.

“Researching the data obtained from the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study could result in the identification of the actual DNA mutations that cause the disease,” said Dr Kim M. Boerkamp, co-principal investigator with the study, in an organizational release.1 “These findings could aid in the development of new therapies for the disease. Additionally, a DNA test could be developed that can be used for breeding dogs to help decrease the disease incidence in the population.”

According to the release,1 the study has been tracking the health of more than 3,000 dogs for over 10 years. Researchers found that the most common malignancy diagnosed in the participants of the study is hemangiosarcoma, creating a unique set of biological data and samples. Through this data, new research will advance knowledge of this disease.

To learn more and support this initiative, visit Morris Animal Foundation’s website.


Morris Animal Foundation funds study to identify genetic markers for deadly canine cancer. News release. June 13, 2023. Accessed July 6, 2023.

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