New puppy. New stuff.

June 6, 2018

Talk 'em up. Sell 'em online and in your reception area. Here are a few items to recommend to clients to help make your veterinary practice the cool destination for all things puppy.

Gaze on puppy cuteness and despair ... wait, no don't despair. Gift. Gifts! Lots of gifts!!!! (Photo courtesy of Portia Stewart)

Of course, it's not about the retail area, and it's not about making money off new-puppy parents.


It's about loving on new patients and giving their excited parents the right toys and accessories to get a dog's long lifetime off right-and a pet parent bonded to your practice.

Stop the puppy push-and-pull from the start

Choking eager dogs is out. The Gentle Leader Headcollar (PetSafe) has been around for a while and comes in five sizes (petite could work for your 5-pound-or-less noob puppies. New bundles of canine energy could grow with it all the way up to extra-large for your Irish wolfhounds at 130 pounds and over) and learn to obey a gentle steer of the whole head rather than a choke with every lunge.


Make puppies work for that food

The Kong Puppy promises to be high on enrichment and easier on teeth, with the most gentle rubber of the toy maker's line.


‘OMG, Mom, this blanket does EVERYTHING!'

Puppy bored with the Kong today? Bust out the Buster Activity Mat (Kruuse) that comes with the mat and three food-hiding tasks. (Check out one of our team members' grown-up pup Blitz playing with this.)


Product for puppy panting

People these days want to take their new dog-once fully vaccinated and healthy-out for walks and trips to the dog park and hikes. Who's got the hydration? Your client does, with any easy-to-carry dog bowl, dog-friendly water dispenser or this snack-and-water Snack-DuO with Companion Cup (Dexas).

Once the veterinary medicine is taken care of, what counts as a must-buy product for your team to recommend to new puppy parents? Email us at