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NuTopicals, L.L.C. introduces its new Heal-A-Pet? product line.

NuTopicals, L.L.C. introduces its new Heal-A-Pet™ product line.

The initial products include an antiseptic gel wound cleanser, antiseptic wound spray, a therapeutic shampoo, an oral care gel and a banana peel extract wound cream for dogs, cats and horses.

The Heal-A-Pet line uses stabilized oxychloro complex to kill bacteria, fungi and yeast known to be associated with skin and wound infections in companion animals and uses banana peel extract to enhance healing.

The compound has anti-inflammatory, anti-swelling, anti-bruising, anti-pruritic and has analgesic properties that give comfort to the animal and speeds the healing process, the company says.

The products are non-toxic, antibiotic free, cortisone free and environmentally friendly, the company adds.

The new Heal-A-Pet™ line compliments the Heal-A Horse® Wound Care System that was previously introduced for wound management in horses.

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