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New partnership aims to improve outcomes for veterinarians and patients


IGNITE Veterinary Solutions and PetPath’s new partnership will help ease stress surrounding care before and after a patient surgery

Maria Sbytova/stock.adobe.com

Maria Sbytova/stock.adobe.com

IGNITE Veterinary Solutions and PetPath announced a partnership the create more opportunities to encourage awareness, adoption, and growth through each company’s platform. The partnership will provide both pet owners and the veterinary team a way to ease fear, confusion, and uncertainty about a pet’s care before and after surgery.

According to an organizational release, the companies will focus on specialty services and emergency and critical care, to highlight the critical benefits of digital pet recovery pathways. The companies will offer chronic and preventative care market applications. Some highlights include:1

  • The commercial agreement is expected to transform digital care management with the possibility of reaching millions.
  • A unique partnership, IGNITE Veterinary Solutions, and Pet Path will connect veterinarians and pet parents through a digital care management and customized recovery pathway meshed with content that is customizable and easy to comprehend.
  • Pet Path will enable insights to help patient outcomes and improve hospital efficiency while reducing staff burnout.

"This agreement will be instrumental in driving wide-scale adoption of PetPath," said Alex Ehrich, cofounder and director of partnerships of PetPath, in the release.1 "Building on success with the veterinary hospitals we partner with, PetPath will have even greater access to thousands of hospitals and key strategic partners through IGNITE's extensive network.”

“Leveraging its market-leading platform and learning content creation capabilities, we will combine efforts and capabilities to improve hospital productivity, more effectively guide recovery outcomes, and give time back to the veterinary teams," he continued.

Clients will also have access to an application that provides digital instructions, checklists, reminders, educational videos, and a chat feature to connect clients directly to veterinarians to help answer questions. This will also help improve efficiency at the clinic by cutting back on callbacks to the clinic from patients.

"We know pet owners and veterinary teams want to give pets the highest quality of care. Pet owners today are proactive, engaged, digitally connected, and want individualized care. Gone are the days of simply providing pet owners verbal instructions, handing over a stack of confusing documents and/or emailing pdf's of what to do and know," expressed Mark Shaw, chief executive officer, IGNITE Veterinary Solutions.1 "Pet owners want connection, information at their fingertips, and peace of mind. They want to know what is normal, how do I properly perform this, is everything ok, and they want access when they need to ask a question."

Veterinary teams will be able to deliver better client experiences and care through PetPath by personalizing a patient's recovery plan. PetPath can also help practitioners adapt a care pathway, and customized discharge and recovery guidance that matches the hospital's protocols as a way to provide patients better care and improve compliance with clients.


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