New digital tool aims to help practices retain and attract top talent


Launched by Vetoquinol, the VetPowerment software is designed to stop the cycle of burnout and understaffing through employee engagement

An employee engagement and development tool that can help retain and attract top talent has been launched by Vetoquinol, a developer of animal health care products. The cloud-based software VetPowerment is accessible on computers and mobile devices.1

This software allows team members to regularly evaluate each other and the organization, according to Vetoquinol. Once a week, team members complete an anonymous online survey that takes about 5 minutes.1

The data is compiled in an easy-to-use dashboard that always remains confidential, according to Vetoquinol. The confidential information is aggregated to help diagnose the organization’s work culture and empower managers to select development training for improvement.1

Employee turnover and vacancies in staffing continue to frustrate the animal health industry. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, a recent study of the animal health industry workforce—presented by Brakke Consulting at the 2023 Veterinary Meeting & Expo in Orlando, Florida—found that 70% of survey respondents reported a higher turnover rate, while 30% saw a drop in job acceptance rates and 60% failed to meet hiring goals.2

“With VetPowerment, managers get feedback before employees turn in their notice,” said Heidi Rooney, MBA, business solutions development manager, Vetoquinol USA, in the release. “Burnout costs the veterinary industry up to $2 billion annually in increased turnover, reduced working hours, and reduced clinical capacity.3 We know specific leadership tactics can help, and VetPowerment assists clinic owners and practice managers in identifying what is motivating their staff.”

The software measures key drivers of employee satisfaction, including the following1:

  • Communication
  • Growth and development
  • Recognition and appreciation
  • Trust
  • Belonging and camaraderie
  • Justice and equality

Managers can access practical advice to improve workplace culture or take part in 1-on-1 coaching based on aggregated reports. Meeting benchmarks earns the designation of “VetPowerment Certified Practice”— signaling to current staff as well as potential employees a commitment to providing a healthy working environment where people can do their best without sacrificing personal time or values.1

“VetPowerment is tailored specifically to the needs of the veterinary industry,” Rooney said.1 “It is the solution practices need to assess their culture, identify opportunities for improvement, and transform into an organization that keeps people passionate about animal health careers.”


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