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New digital platform designed for post-adoption support


This online source from Petszel connects shelters and owners for guidance with their newly adopted pet

Petszel LLC is a company in the pet and veterinary software space, co-founded by CEO Matt Russell. Russell used his expertise in veterinary technology to create digital platforms and resources that aim to connect shelters and pet parents with providers and improve the well-being of pets. The company officially launched a new online platform for the post-adoption journey that new pet parents face. This resource will connect shelters and owners for a seamless communication experience, as well as supplying information about nearby veterinary services in the user’s area.1

Petszel's post-adoption app for shelters and pet parents. (Photo courtesy of Petszel LLC)

Petszel's post-adoption app for shelters and pet parents. (Photo courtesy of Petszel LLC)

Russell stated in a company release, "As a lifelong animal lover and pet/vet entrepreneur, I am excited to introduce this revolutionary solution. Our mission is to bridge the communication gap between shelters, pet parents, and pet/vet services, fostering continuity of care for our pets."1

According to ASPCA, as of data from 2019, approximately 4.1 million shelter animals are adopted each year (2 million dogs and 2.1 million cats).2 With this large amount of animals adopted each year, more available support and resources can help adoption transition shelters and owners deal with. Communication between shelters and owners can also aim to reduce the number of pets returned to the shelter. From a survey conducted by the ASPCA, responses showed that the most common reasons for re-homing were pet problem (46%), family problem (27%), and housing problem (18%). The most common individual pet-related reasons were aggression (35%), destruction (29%), and health problems (26%).3 With post-adoption resources, these pet problems could be clearly discussed instead of owners feeling like they have no other option besides surrendering the pet back to the shelter.

Petszel offers access to medical records from animal shelters, simplifies appointment scheduling, provides personalized pet care advice, offers breed and age-specific resources, and more. With the initial stages of a new pet adoption, Petszel helps adopters by providing tailored product and service suggestions and facilitating connections with local care and health providers. From there, Petszel also aims to provide resources and tips for ongoing pet care. This integrated experience is specially designed for shelters at no cost.1 Petszel hopes that this platform can enhance their post-adoption procedures and allow open communication with pet parents. Easy access to this correspondence can ensure owners are prepared to care for their new pet and foster their health and well-being.

The Petszel team and advisory board consist of veterinary and animal welfare experts. "Our team is dedicated to delivering an exceptional user experience and providing unparalleled support to shelters, providers, and pet parents alike,” said Russell.1

Petszel is currently rolling out to shelters nationwide. For more details about this innovative platform, please visit the Petszel website.


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