New deal to spur diagnostic test for canine hemangiosarcoma


Fort Collins, Colo. -- CSU, NeoTrex and the Veterinary Diagnostic Institute (VDxI) inked a deal to develop a new diagnostic test to detect canine hemangiosarcoma.

Fort Collins, Colo.

-- A new diagnostic test to detect canine hemangiosarcoma is in the works through a collaboration with Colorado State University (CSU) Research Foundation, NeoTREX and the Veterinary Diagnostics Institute (VDxI) of Irvine, Calif.Officials signed a license agreement this week to develop a biomarker assay to detect this form of cancer in dogs. The technology, co-invented by faculty at CSU's Animal Cancer Center, a member of CSU's Cancer Supercluster, and investigators at VDxI, will be used to detect levels of the enzyme thymidine kinase in dogs using a simple blood test, the university reports today.Hemangiosarcoma occurs most often in large-breed dogs older 8 years of age, often resulting in internal hemorrhage leading to death. Other than ultrasound, there are no other prognostic methods to detect hemangiosarcoma in dogs, university officials add.VDxI, a reference laboratory, plans to develop the technology and co-market with another technology to detect lymphoma in dogs. NeoTREX is the enterprise arm of the Cancer Supercluster.

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