New ASAP Vet urgent care opens in Austin, Texas


Opening its doors on July 1st, 2023

ASAP Vet lobby in Austin, TX. (Photo courtesy of ASAP Vet)

ASAP Vet lobby in Austin, TX. (Photo courtesy of ASAP Vet)

ASAP Veterinary Care (ASAP Vet) is opening a urgent care animal clinic in Austin, Texas on July 1, 2023. ASAP Vet's mission is to provide top-notch and affordable veterinary care in a boutique-style setting. The hospital's founders wanted to create a space that was both welcoming and calming for pets and pet owners, and the hospital features state-of-the-art equipment and technology with personalized elements.

“We opened this urgent care to support our colleagues both in general practice and emergency medicine that were in need of support. ASAP came to the city of Austin to change veterinary medicine and tackle burnout and mental health issues in the veterinary industry and hopefully we’ll expand to a city near you,” Dr Stephanie Spencer, ASAP VET, told dvm360.

ASAP Vet exam room hallway. (Photo courtesy of ASAP Vet)

ASAP Vet exam room hallway. (Photo courtesy of ASAP Vet)

According to ASAP Vet, the company has a commitment to reducing staff burnout and alleviating day to day stressors that veterinarians, technicians, and client care representatives deal with in other veterinary facilities. Since the veterinary profession is notoriously demanding, with long hours and high levels of stress, ASAP Vet has taken steps to ensure that its staff is well-supported and cared for. Each veterinarian will have a dedicated support team to help with tasks such as record-keeping and client communication. Additionally, each veterinarian will have a scribe assigned to them, ensuring that their notes are completed by the end of the day and that they can finish their work on time each day.1

“If you're a pet owner in the Austin area, you'll soon have access to top-notch urgent care for your furry family members. July 1st can't come soon enough!” an ASAP Vet representative said.


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