New AI scribe tool saves 2 hours a day


VetSkribe also aims to improve mental health for veterinary professionals

Veterinary scribe app

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A new scribe tool for veterinary professionals utilizing artificial intelligence aims to save time and, therefore, improving a work-life balance. Newly launched VetSkribe can save up to 2 hours a day, giving veterinary professionals more time to care for patients or opening time for self-care. This tool uses a combination of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and human expertise for accurate notes and documentation.1

“VetSkribe’s inception stemmed from a pivotal moment during a veterinary management group dinner, where passionate veterinarians discussing the burden of charting sparked our mission to help doctors reclaim their time,” Jacinthe Moreau, VetSkribe CEO and co-founder, said in a company release.1

Veterinary professionals can capture their consultation notes in the VetSkribe app using “ambient listening” or “dictation.” The app's veterinary medical AI is trained to transcribe consultation recordings or dictated notes to the doctor’s subjective, objective, assessment, and plan template. Materials gathered can then be directly uploaded to patient medical records by the VetSkribe team after the veterinarian approves the content in the app or on the dashboard.1

Veterinarians using VetSkribe Enhance can also collaborate with medical scribes supervised by veterinarians and oversee the AI technology to ensure precision and accuracy. To set it apart from other scribe tools, VetSkribe technology generates visit summaries for pet owners within minutes, simplifying client communication and improving the pet owner experience.1

“VetSkribe has been a game-changer for me,” Andrea Schnuelle, DVM, a relief veterinarian with Lando Veterinary Relief based in Wisconsin, said in the release. “At a point of desperation after having my son, I had to make significant changes. Relying on technology for my charting turned out to be a lifesaver. Not only did the quality and content of my medical records vastly improve, but the time I spent on them decreased significantly. This resulted in a notable boost in my satisfaction with my records. I finally felt like I had the breathing room between patients that I desperately needed. The benefits of VetSkribe may vary from person to person, but for me, it's been about quality and speed—essential in urgent care settings. I now have the luxury of spending more time with clients, seeing a few more appointments per day, and—crucially for me—getting out on time. And perhaps most importantly, I finally have a lunch period, something I had almost forgotten was possible in this profession. VetSkribe has truly helped me achieve a better work-life balance.”1

To celebrate its launch, VetSkribe is offering a 30-day free trial. “With VetSkribe, veterinarians can focus on quality care without the burden of administrative tasks and the stress of keeping up with their medical charting,” Moreaua added.1


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