New 100% freeze-dried raw cat food available


Nutra Complete Premium Chicken Cat Food crafted to promote feline health and replicate their natural, wild diet

Ultimate Pet Nutrition, founded by veterinarian Gary Richter, MS, DVM, recently released Nutra Complete Premium Chicken Cat Food, a freeze-dried raw cat food blended with chicken, seeds, vegetables, fruits, and essential vitamins. This high-protein, nutrient-rich food was created to help promote healthy digestion, soft coat, healthy immune function, and improved overall health in cats and mimic a cat’s natural diet.

Photo courtesy of Ultimate Pet Nutrition.

Photo courtesy of Ultimate Pet Nutrition.

According to a company release,1 this freeze-dried raw option helps to maintain maximum flavor and nutrition in the food. All the nutritious seeds, vegetables, and fruits were hand-selected by Dr Richter.

The main ingredients in Ultimate Pet Nutrition Nutra Complete Chicken Cat Food include1:

  • Lean, nutritious chicken: Made of 95% high-quality, cage-free chicken, which is freeze-dried raw to help aid digestion
  • Seeds, vegetables, and fruits: Such as spinach, flaxseed, sweet potato, blueberry, and carrot for health-supporting nutrients
  • Immunity-supporting vitamins: Together, the vitamins help support healthy skin, maintain a soft coat, and contribute to overall well-being and happiness

Ultimate Pet Nutrition notes that all pets are unique, and your pet's results can and will vary.1


Dr Richter's Ultimate Pet Nutrition®, launches Nutra Complete™ Premium Chicken Cat Food. News release. Ultimate Pet Nutrition. July 27, 2023. Accessed July 27, 2023.

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