NCVEI funded through 2010


NCVEI's interactive models reached 8,300 practices representing more than 22,000 veterinarians.

SCHAUMBURG, ILL. - Delivering measurable results to "a hungry profession" was enough reason to extend the life of the National Commission of Veterinary Economic Issues (NCVEI).

Its founders - the American Veterinary Medical Association, American Animal Hospital Association and Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges - unanimously renewed the commission's funding through March 1, 2010.

NCVEI was formed about five years ago to address economic problems identified by the now-legendary KPMG mega study and Brakke Consulting report.

Dr. James Nave, NCVEI chairman, says, "The extension of the NCVEI was a reflection of the pure accomplishments of the management team to deliver measurable results to a hungry profession."

In five years, officials say veterinary incomes have grown 41 percent since the start of the commission's activities.

Nave adds, "The NCVEI had demonstrated, through its benchmarking and pricing tools ... that it could act as a catalyst to drive improvement."

The commission also focused on engaging veterinary schools through skills, knowledge, aptitude and attitude projects.

"Considering the opportunities to drive change, it became clear that passive approaches would not show measurable results. Building a methodology that would be potent enough to create a compelling need for the NCVEI constituencies to act was essential," says Howard Rubin, NCVEI's CEO.

NCVEI has created interactive benchmarking tools for veterinarians to compare their practices with others.

NCVEI's interactive models reached 8,300 practices representing more than 22,000 veterinarians, Rubin adds.

"NCVEI gives veterinarians personal and, therefore, meaningful empirical and analytical commentary that enables them to react and therefore make much more effective and timely decisions," he says. "You often hear that veterinarians don't understand economics or business. The truth is that if your provide veterinarians with a frame of reference and a roadmap on how to think differently, they are great decision-makers."

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