Nationwide pet insurance raising funds to fight cancer


Social media campaign to raise awareness includes donation to the Animal Cancer Foundation.

Throughout the month of November, which is National Pet Cancer Awareness Month, Nationwide and the Animal Cancer Foundation are partnering to increase awareness and raise money to fight pet cancer, which is the No. 1 disease-related killer of dogs and cats, according to a Nationwide release.

During the month of November, Nationwide will donate $5 to the Animal Cancer Foundation, up to $50,000, for every photo, story or statistic shared on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #CurePetCancer.

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In 2016, Nationwide processed more than 78,000 insurance claims for cancer diagnosis and treatment in pets, making cancer-related conditions one of the most common types of medical claim, accounting for more than $23 million in medical expenses for Nationwide members, according to the company. Below are the 10 most common pet cancer-related claims and the cost to treat each condition.

1. Malignant skin neoplasia-$975

2. Lymphosarcoma-$1,524

3. Splenic neoplasia-$1,268

4. Hepatic neoplasia-$854

5. Bone or joint neoplasia-$1,269

6. Thoracic neoplasia-$660

7. Bladder neoplasia-$1,346

8. Anal sac neoplasia-$1,458

9. Malignant oral neoplasia-$1,450

10. Brain or spinal cord neoplasia-$1,693

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