Nationwide offers broad-sweeping insurance plan for veterinary clients


Whole Pet with Wellness plan expands coverage, reimburses 90 percent of eligible costs.

Nationwide has recently launched a pet insurance program that reimburses policyholders for 90 percent of their pets' eligible veterinary expenses.

The Whole Pet with Wellness plan was designed to reduce pet owners' confusion about what is covered underneath their plan, say officials from Nationwide (formerly Veterinary Pet Insurance). The plan includes coverage for these services, according to a Nationwide release:

> Diagnostic testing

> Prescriptions (including therapeutic diets and supplements, as long as they're prescribed by the veterinarian and included in the medical record)

> Wellness care, including vaccinations and parasite control products

> Hospitalization

> Dental work

> Hereditary and congenital conditions

> Surgeries

> Behavioral exams and treatments

> Orthopedic conditions.

Non-eligible services include pre-existing conditions, boarding, grooming and nonveterinary fees such as tax and waste disposal. There are no age restrictions excluding older pets.

Members can choose from a $100 or $250 deductible and visit any veterinarian for pet care.

“A key differentiator for Whole Pet with Wellness is the annual deductible,” says Scott Liles, Nationwide's chief pet insurance officer, in the release. “Many pet health insurance companies offer per-incident deductibles, which the pet owner incurs each time he or she takes their pet to the veterinarian for a new issue. With Nationwide's Whole Pet with Wellness plan, once the annual deductible is met, members will receive 90 percent reimbursement for eligible veterinary expenses through their annual policy term.”

There are tentative plans to cover avian and exotic animals in the future.

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