Most Talked About Dog and Cat Breeds in Your State

July 24, 2018
Kerry Lengyel

After analyzing more than 3.5 million tweets, Instagram photos, and Facebook posts, these cat and dog breeds came out on top.

Earlier this year, the American Veterinarian Medical Association released data showing which states prefer which pets—the dog came out on top.

Now, TrustedHousesitters, a company that connects home and pet owners with care-oriented sitters who look after their home and pets in exchange for a place to stay, dug even deeper into pet popularity across state lines.

After analyzing more than 3.5 million posts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook across the United States, the company compiled a list of the most talked about dog, cat, other small animal, and reptile in each of the 50 states.


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According to the results, California residents are the most vocal about their animal companions, with over half of all pet mentions analyzed from the state alone. When it comes to specific breeds, the bulldog reigned supreme on social media as the most talked about dog breed in 13 of the 50 states. As for their feline counterparts, Persians far out-paced the competition—31 of the 50 states talked about the breed the most.

There were also a few outliers on the list which appeared at the top of newsfeeds in only 1 state. For example, the Great Dane is the most popular dog and the Abyssinian is the most popular cat in South Dakota, the boxer is the most popular dog in Nebraska, and the terrier is the most popular dog in West Virginia.

Other interesting findings include:

  • The most talked about cat breed in Maine? The Maine coon, of course.
  • Instagrammers in Arizona love their micro pigs. A quick search of the hashtag #AZMicroMiniPigs will show you what we mean.
  • In Las Vegas, Nevada, lizards get far more mentions on social media than any dog or cat.

Which breed is the most popular in your state? Use the interactive map below to find out.

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