Morris Animal Foundation is accepting proposals for canine osteosarcoma research


The foundation announced they are searching for studies that focus on limb-sparing treatments for osteosarcoma in giant-breed dogs.

Rita Kochmarjova/

Rita Kochmarjova/

Morris Animal Foundation has begun taking proposals for studies that are focusing on a curative treatment for osteosarcoma in Saint Bernard and other giant breeds. In memory of her late Saint Bernard who suffered from osteosarcoma, one donor partnered with Morris Animal Foundation through its Donor-Inspired Study program for this research. According to an organizational release, the goal is to find research that will ultimately lead to a curative treatment in giant-breed dogs with osteosarcoma to improve their survival and quality of life.

All requests for proposals will go through 2 phases. The first will grant seed funding to groups working on a treatment approach with a strong translational potential that can lead to a clinical impact. If successful, proposals will include new approaches that were never previously funded and require establishing technical merit and feasibility.1

All research projects must focus on Saint Bernard’s and other giant breeds in America for 18 months. According to the release, Morris Foundation could invite back any successful projects to compete in the second phase for a larger award, pending progress reviews. Any groups that submit a study targeting other breeds or geographic regions will not be considered nor will any that use laboratory animals.1

Applications will be reviewed by a scientific advisory board containing experts based on impact and scientific rigor. Applications are due to Morris Foundation by June 13, 2022, at 4:59 EST.


Morris Animal Foundation Announces Call for Canine Osteosarcoma Research Proposals. News release. Morris Animal Foundation. March 29, 2022. Accessed April 1, 2022.

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