Misconceptions surrounding veterinary nutraceuticals


During a dvm360® interview, Robert Silver, DVM, MS, debunks misconceptions regarding animal dietary supplements

In a dvm360® interview, Robert Silver, DVM, MS, cites the 2 most common misunderstandings surrounding nutraceuticals, including the belief that they are not regulated and that because they are not FDA-approved, they don't work. Hear his takes on these matters.

A partial transcript of the interview is below. View the video for more of the discussion.

Robert Silver, DVM, MS: One [misconception surrounding nutraceuticals] is that they're not regulated. Many of them are, not all, you know. And to speak to the regulatory issue, there is a trade group called the National Animal Supplement Council, www.nasc.cc. And this organization has been around since 2001, and works directly with the FDA to help give guidance to companies [on] how to stay in compliance with FDA guidelines.

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