Merging motherhood with a veterinary career

August 29, 2016

Live from CVC Kansas City, Ori Scislowicz offers advice and encouragement to fellow veterinary professionals both considering and in the midst of motherhood.

Sarah Dowdy, an associate content specialist for, caught up with Ori Scislowicz, BS, LVT, at CVC Kansas City to ask about her experience as a mom and veterinary professional.

Scislowicz says it's important for working moms in the veterinary field to completely disengage from work when they're at home, if possible. “Women tend to multitask to the extreme, but when I'm not on the clock, I'm just with my child.”

Being a working mom in the veterinary field is unique in both good ways and bad ways, Scislowicz says. While the profession is notorious for being high-stress and emotionally challenging, Scislowicz notes that it can be flexible too. For example, she notes that if a veterinary technician schedule isn't working for you, consider a new avenue within the field, such as research, management or teaching.

Scislowicz advises veterinary professionals who are considering motherhood to think about pregnancy safety first and to have ongoing discussions with your manager and doctor about what things you should and shouldn't be around.

Working moms can get a bad rap, but for Scislowicz, pursuing and growing her professional passions makes her a happier, more confident and more fulfilled mom.

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