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You don't want to accidentally bumble into a "Fluffy's dead" conversation. Try a memorial board to avoid treading on pet owners' feelings after a loss.

Consider this tip from The Veterinary Receptionist's Handbook, 3rdEdition:

The moment you learn of the death of a pet, remove the pet and all vaccination reminders pertaining to that pet from your computer files. It's very painful for the owner to receive a reminder for a pet who is gone and embarrassing for you when you inquire about the health of a pet who died several months ago. Some clinics have a large erasable board that lists all recently deceased pets to help staff members remember who has died. This helps prevent slip-ups. Naturally, this board should be kept out of view of clients and might be titled “In Memory Of” in case clients see it.

Check out the recently updated Veterinary Receptionist's Handbook for more client communication tips and tools. 

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