Meet the Fetch Faculty Part 4: Keynote Bash Halow, LVT, CVPM

Downtown Charlotte, NC

In this interview, Bash Halow, LVT, CVPM, told dvm360® what he is looking forward to when visiting the Queen City in North Carolina for the next Fetch dvm360® conference.

Bash Halow, LVT, CVPM, owner of Halow Consulting, shared that he is excited for the first Fetch dvm360® conference being held in Charlotte, North Carolina. He noted the Carolinas tend to be populated with veterinarians, and he aims to find out what all the "hullabaloo" is about.

View the video below for the entire discussion. The following is a partial transcript.

Bash Halow, LVT, CVPM: [I'm] excited to be in the Carolinas...I look for veterinarians a lot in my day-to-day life to help out some of the practices I work with, and I have to say that North Carolina and South Carolina are 2 of maybe 6 states total, that [veterinarians] just clamor to live in.

Do you still want to register for the approaching Fetch dvm360® conference in Charlotte, North Carolina? Visit here to sign up or learn more details.

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