Meet the Fetch Faculty Charles D. McMillan, DVM: Part 8


In an interview, Charles D. McMillan, DVM, previews the lecture he will deliver today, 'Addressing The Concerns of a Dwindling Veterinary Labor Force: Steps Toward Sustainability.'

In this dvm360® interview, Charles D. McMillan, DVM, Incoming Medical Director/Owner at GoodVets in Atlanta, Georgia, divulged this talk will explain why many veterinary professionals appear to be leaving the field, plus he offers possible solutions and insight for promoting a more sustainable career.

View the video below for the entire discussion. The following is a partial transcript.

Charles D. McMillan, DVM: [In this lecture] I discuss why there seems to be this kind of mass exodus of veterinarians...leaving the industry and what are the pros and cons of that, and what can we do to address that. So I make an argument for several things from work-life balance to improving the social standings of veterinarians, [and] increasing pay.

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