Meet the Fetch Faculty Charles D. McMillan, DVM: Part 3


In this interview, Charles D. McMillan, DVM, detailed what he'll cover during his upcoming talk on relief veterinarians at the Fetch dvm360® conference.

Charles D. McMillan, DVM, Incoming Medical Director/Owner at GoodVets in Atlanta, Georgia, will be leading an invaluable talk entitled "A Sigh Of Relief: Why The Growing Trend Of Veterinarians Choosing Relief Work Is Not A Zero-Sum Game" at our upcoming conference. In an interview, McMillan noted this lecture will offer insight on maximizing relief veterinarians' skills in creative ways to enhance your practice.

View the video below for the entire discussion. The following is a partial transcript.

Charles D. McMillan, DVM: [This talk is] a fun discussion of how to actually try to leverage the growing and robust industry of relief medicine. The subheading is that relief medicine is "not a zero-sum game," and so we can leverage that industry, we can leverage those indivduals to where we're all meeting the same goal.

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