Meet the Fetch Faculty: Betsy Charles, DVM, MA: Part 3


In an interview, Betsy Charles, DVM, MA, highlighted why she recommends that all kinds of veterinary professionals should attend her talks at the next Fetch dvm360® conference.

Though practice managers and veterinary technicians tend to make up a majority of the audience in the wellness and leadership lectures led by Betsy Charles, DVM, MA, she urges veterinarians to consider attending her sessions as well. In a dvm360® interview, Charles explained that as we begin to approach a post-pandemic world, everyone can benefit from developing their communication skills, setting boundaries, and more.

View the video below for the entire discussion. The following is a partial transcript.

Betsy Charles, DVM, MA: I would just encourage veterinarians to think about coming [to my lectures] because often what we think as veterinarians is I just need to get the latest medicine, I need to get up to speed on how to do a better cystotomy or whatever it could be. I mean, medicine is important, don't get me wrong...But I think that many of the issues that are plaguing our practices today, especially in a post, dare I say post [COVID-19] world have nothing to do with medicine, and they have everything to do with how do we interact with each other.

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