May 2013 Firstline tools


Find links to all of the free tools, forms and online extras in the May 2013 issue of Firstline.

Use these quick links to find all the free online tools, forms and extras from the May 2013 issue of Firstline:

• Check out the reader question, "How can I be a strong leader?" on the community board and offer your thoughts. Then check out more advice on developing leadership skills.

 • Learn how you can be part of veterinary response teams.

• Download a free copy of "Critical competencies: A guide for veterinary practice management professionals" and check out the dvm360 Resource Guide.

• Read more startling job facts and learn how to keep better employee performance records.

• Find the team tools, "Parasite prevention: What's your role?", "Build your team's protocol" and "Sample scripts and role-play" and the client handout, "7 myths about Lyme disease."

• Check out canine rehabilitation tools, including a client handout about osteoarthritis and links to sites that will help you find a rehabilitation specialist near you.

• View a photo gallery of 3 remarkable rehab stories.

 • Find links to information about masks and testing badges.

• Download a sample pregnancy counseling letter.

• Learn how often your team should post on social media.

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