Massachusetts veterinary hospital goes green

Heal Veterinary Clinic recently transitioned into an environmentally-friendly facility, powered by a brand-new solar electric system.

Heal Veterinary Clinic in Massachusetts is taking strides to promote a cleaner environment. The 20-staff-member clinic, founded in 2017, uses low carbon and nontoxic building materials and recently installed a 48-panel solar electric system. Not only has this switch lowered utility costs, but clients are thrilled to support a clinic that is helping the environment.

"Before going solar, our electrical bills were over $8,000 per month, and the utility rates usually go up every year. So, we built a solar power plant. The energy from the sun is free. Our staff and clients are also proud we are doing our part for the environment," Jamie Leef, general manager of Heal Vet told dvm360 in an email.

Leef's previous career, which involved installing solar systems for other companies, prepared him for a long utility approval and permitting process, according to a company release. Additionally, he explained that SunBug Solar, a full-service local solar energy company, designed and installed the solar electric system, simplifying the project.

“What’s great about SunBug is that they’ve been around a long time, and the people working in their design and construction have so much experience solving problems,” Jamie Leef said in the release.

“[SunBug] manage[s] complications properly and quickly offered insight into how to install a special transformer for my site’s unusual electrical configuration. It’s one reason to hire a reputable local company. They happen to know the local inspector really well and how best to contact him, and how to file a dispute with local utility companies if it comes to that.”

The 19-kilowatt system provides Heal Vet with 75% of the energy they use in a year. Installing a solar power system has also protected the clinic from the rising costs of electricity.

Another one of Heal Vet’s goals is to provide charging stations for electric vehicles, thus offering customers and the community green electricity. In support of this initiative, Leef recently purchased an electric car.

To learn more about Heal Vet's mission, go here.