Managing the 50+ employee practice scheduling for efficiency: Parts 1 and 2 (Proceedings)


Assessing the hospital's schedule, team scheduling tips, team utilization and ratios, and requested days off forms

Assess the Hospital's Schedule

1. Conduct a demographic study

2. Send out client surveys

3. Conduct an appointment schedule analysis

Once you have all of this mapped out, you can schedule your doctors and team.

Team Scheduling Tips

1. Identify the demands and requests of your client base

2. Schedule the doctors accordingly

3. Schedule your team to adequately and appropriately support the doctors – this is also known as aligning your teams

4. Give deadlines for all team members to submit requested days off so that management has adequate time to prepare the team schedules. (See Below)

5. Once you post the schedule, do so for 24 hours to allow the team to review for any errors, discrepancies, problems or concerns. Once the schedule has been proofed by everyone, distribute final copies.

6. Final copies should be final unless they seek management's prior approval for changes. Provide team specific guidelines when they have to call in or cannot work the posted schedule.

7. Consider using daily locators (See Below)

8. Utilization of a staff scheduling software will assist you with monitoring overtime and provide a quick visual of your daily support

Team Utilization and Ratios

1. Associates

2. Technicians

3. Receptionists

Requested Days off Forms

• Structures scheduling

• Provides documentation

• Holds team members accountable

• Allows management to assess trends in requests

• Enhances and organizes scheduling

For Closing see ____ or ____

• * - In Charge of overseeing: Tech Appts/Treatments/Prescriptions/Recalls/Lab Results.

• TX – AM Treatment Technician.

• W/F – In Charge of ensuring patients are appropriately given water/food/litter boxes.

• CD – Designated to oversee PM closing duties

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