Managers: Shut up!


You can fix that problem for a veterinary team member. But should you?

You veterinary practice managers are some of the fastest, smartest members of the veterinary practice team. (Especially if you're also RVTs. Or DVMs. Or CVPMs. Alright, look, you're all smart, OK?) And in the heat of battle, on the busiest days, everyone appreciates your ability to solve problems fast. But when patients aren't dying right then and everyone isn't under the gun, you could be hurting more than helping when your desire to help kicks in.

So here's a quick tip just for you, you compassionate, hard-working, quick-thinking managers, courtesy of Conan Crocker, DVM, co-owner of Bigger Road Veterinary Center in Springboro, Ohio. Here's what he and his partners, practice manager and team leads do when someone comes with a problem:

“When somebody brings a problem or concern to the management team, a lot of times our response is, ‘OK, well, what have you done to help that? What do you need to fix that?' Crocker says. “As managers, our job is to guide and direct them, not to fix it for them. If you come to me with a problem, you should also come to me with a list of possible solutions.”

So, next person who comes along in the hospital today, you tell 'em: “I hear your problem. I feel your pain. Got any ideas to fix it?” (And if they need some inspiration, have them read this Firstline article about self-empowerment and being amazing.

Watch below as Dr. Crocker explains how he and the leadership at Bigger Road believe in empowering the veterinary team to guide their decisions based on the practice philosophy.

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