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The eighth annual update of Lifelearn's Companion to Canine and Feline Practice is now available.

The eighth annual update of Lifelearns Companion to Canine and Feline Practice is now available.Companion is a comprehensive searchable veterinary literature database on CD-ROM containing clinically relevant information extending back over 25 years. The clinical synopses are derived from more than 25 veterinary journals, 40 veterinary textbooks and numerous conference proceedings. This years update contains an additional 552 citations bringing the total number to more than 8,000. The database contains 1,210 canine and 735 feline diseases, representing 9,200 pages of text.Searching Companion using clinical signs and lab findings allows veterinarians to develop extensive lists of differential diagnoses; then look up each disease on the list and quickly scan the point-form summaries by Presentation, Tests, Treatments and Outcomes.Dr. Mark Daims, veterinary researcher/editor, created Companion.

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