Letter to dvm360: Referring veterinarians and specialists should work together


Working together for the good of the pet is critical, dvm360 reader says.

I believe the referral specialist in the article “A not-so-special specialty referral” in the September 2014 issue should have contacted the referring veterinarian in advance as a courtesy to inform her of the client's request. However, I believe the referring veterinarian should have been willing to let the specialist remove the ulcerated mass on the leg since the owner requested it. This would avoid the patient having to have a second induction/general anesthesia in a short period of time and would have been in the best interest of the patient as well as the client. The referral practices that we have in our city value the relationship with the referral veterinary community and do not purposefully look to do more than what is asked for by the local practitioners. However, when a client has a reasonable request, especially when it may benefit the patient, I think it is reasonable to comply with the owner's wishes.

Sherry Knopp, DVM

Babcock Hills Veterinary Hospital

San Antonio, Texas

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