Letter to dvm360: Reader offended by turd needs to lighten up


Dr. Brocks columns are a humorous and true look at everyday practice life.

I'm not sure which one made me laugh harder, Dr. Brock's column on the 32.5-inch turd (August) or the letter to the editor about his disgusting article being in poor taste (October). Dr. Brock's article has better hang time, but Dr. Koenig's crappy attitude is very close behind. Keep up the good humor, Dr. Brock.

Brian Peter, DVM

Phoenix, Ariz.

Colorado State University, 1989

In response to the letter from the veterinarian who found Dr. Bo Brock's August column “offensive and embarrassing” as it related to a 32.5-inch dog turd, I would only ask, “Really?” Regarding the editorial staff's judgment in allowing it to be printed, I think their standards are up to par.

With the recent news of veterinarian killing a cat with a bow and arrow, and a Minnesota dentist doing the same with a lion, Dr. Brock's columns on the lighter side of veterinary medicine are welcome relief. Please disregard the sensitivity of one reader and let us all thank Dr. Brock for his contributions to the heart and soul of veterinary practice.

Bernhard H. Mayer, DVM

Westwego, La.

Louisiana State University, 1980

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