Letter to dvm360: A hole in the universe with Dr. Carl Osborne gone

April 12, 2017
Patricia Burke, DVM

King of the kidney helped shaped the veterinary profession.

Regarding the death of Dr. Carl Osborne, you just ruined my day. I am somewhat surprised that Carl was only 76. Not only was he always the human equivalent of the energizer bunny, but he has been a force in our profession for such a long time. Carl exuded enthusiasm for veterinary medicine and education.

After graduating from the University of Georgia (where I was taught by Dr. Del Finco), I did an internship at the University of Minnesota, thus being exposed to two of the triumvirate kings of the kidney. Both programs, and men, were oriented toward problem-solving. Their textbook, as a reference, has shaped critical thinking.

In my day, most veterinarians graduated from one school, did an internship or residency at another, and those that stayed in academics moved on again. Thus leading to my conclusion: If all people have six degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon, veterinarians have three degrees of separation from Carl Osborne. That being said, I couldn't believe it when Carl remembered me decades later. There is a hole in universe now.

Patricia Burke, DVM

Providence, Rhode Island