Letter to dvm360: Equine medicine not a horror but a place of respect

November 7, 2018

This veterinarian says she had a completely different experience than that reported in a recent look at life as a female student and practitioner.

I read “Don't call her ‘lady doc' and other equine DVM horror stories” and would like to report a different experience. I graduated on the mixed animal track from a midwestern veterinary school in 1993. I now work in the western U.S. I have worked with several male veterinarians prior to, during and after graduation from veterinary school. Most of them graduated in the 1970s and had very few females in their class. I have always been treated with respect, and no one has ever questioned my abilities as a female for the past 21 years-first in a mixed animal practice or now in a 100 percent equine practice. I do not carry a chip on my shoulder and am proud to appreciate my male and female colleagues from my pre-vet days, my professors and clinicians during veterinary school and now in private practice, and the clinicians to which I refer cases.

-Lauri Stanley, DVM

Frontier Equine

Longmont, Colorado