Let's bring positive news about the profession to the front


Negativity isn't the most important aspect of veterinary medicine.

I was disappointed by the choice of full-page veterinary news articles in the December 2014 issue:

> Veterinarian indicted, suspended

> Brother charged in death of veterinarian

> Four dead dogs found at Ill. clinic

> Man goes on stabbing spree at two hospitals in Washington state.

Now, the naked veterinary students story was amusing, but is dvm360 following the media guideline of “If it bleeds, it leads”? In all seriousness, those stories are rather depressing and as such don't deserve a full or nearly full page each. There's lots of good stuff going on in our profession that goes underreported. Let's focus on that, please.

Happy trails to Dr. Obenski. We will miss him.

John S. Parker, DVM

Novi, Michigan

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