Lear's macaw reintroduced into wild and flourishing

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The work of Loro Park Foundation has helped the species succeed in going from “critically endangered” to “endangered”

The first Lear's macaw chick was born in situ (in its natural habitat), in Brazil, from birds born and raised ex situ (outside of their natural habitat), at Loro Parque Fundación (Loro Park Foundation) under human care.

Lear's macaw pair with it's baby (Photo courtesy of Loro Park Foundation).

Lear's macaw pair with it's baby (Photo courtesy of Loro Park Foundation).

According to an organizational release,1 along with surviving in their natural habitat and adapting to the environment, the reintroduced birds have also been able to reproduce. Over 40 birds have been born in the foundation's breeding center, 19 have been sent to Brazil, 8 of which were successfully introduced into the wild.

Through its efforts, the Loro Park Foundation has succeeded in updating the category of this species on the Red List of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) from "critically endangered" to "endangered.” This accomplishment marks salvation from the species’ impending extinction. The foundation has been able to achieve with 10 species to date.

Protecting and preserving the Lear's macaw has been an extensive process. The Brazilian government transferred 2 pairs of this species to the Loro Park Foundation 16 years ago with the goal of breeding and saving a species in a vulnerable situation.

With the devoted contributions of the Loro Park Foundation, the species’ numbers currently surpass 1,200 individuals.1


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