Large-scale dog behavioral genetics study begins

November 8, 2016

Embark and Dognitions new study will offer insights into key areas of canine health.

Photo: looking at the genetics and cognition of 5,000 purebred and mixed-breed dogs, a newly announced study led by canine-centric companies Embark and Dognition will offer insights into dog behavior, health, breeding, nutrition, training and more, according to a release from Embark.

Embark is a company dedicated to understanding canine health, wellness, care and understanding through research and DNA testing via a kit available both to veterinarians and dog owners. Dognition is a website that provides cognitive science-based games to help pet owners learn about and connect better with their dogs while benefiting canines as well.

The two companies' behavioral research study will be led by Embark's co-founder, Adam Boyko, PhD, assistant professor of veterinary medicine at Cornell University. Dognition's co-founder. Brian Hare, PhD, associate professor of cognitive neuroscience at Duke University, will also be involved.

According to the release, the study will explore areas such as the genetics of dog behavior, the most effective training methods to use with dogs at different ages and stages of their development, the level to which environment and breed affect dog behavior and the rate of cognitive decline based on genes and breed.

This study is open to all pet owners as well as veterinarians. 

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