Lactating dairy cows approved to use Eazi-Breed CIDR cattle inserts


Eazi-Breed CIDR cattle insert distributed by Pfizer Animal Health is now approved for lactating dairy cows.

Eazi-Breed CIDR cattle insert distributed by Pfizer Animal Health is now approved for lactating dairy cows.By returning a group of cows to heat, Eazi-Breed CIDR cattle insert narrows the window for breeding. By doing so, it can increase the chance of a successful breeding program.Eazi-Breed CIDR cattle insert helps combat a dairy producers biggest problem heat detection, according to Pfizer.Eazi-Breed CIDR brings a group of cattle into heat at the same time for more efficient breeding, making heat detection less labor intensive. These improvements can contribute to a more profitable breeding program.At Pfizer, we see the label expansion as a great benefit to dairy producers, says John Chenault, Eazi-Breed CIDR project team leader for Pfizer Animal Health.Eazi-Breed CIDR will continue to show its importance in the dairy industry with its successes in the producers breeding programs.Pfizer s FAST BACK Breeding Program uses Eazi-Breed CIDR to synchronize the cows return to estrus. The insert is easily administered into the cow s vagina.While there, it continuously releases progesterone. It is removed seven days later causing a drop in progesterone and thus triggering estrus. For cows that have not conceived yet and are returning to heat, Eazi-Breed CIDR creates a second synchronized heat for a better chance of breeding those cows in their second cycle.Producers should not inject Lutalyse Sterile Solution (dinoprost tromethamine) or other prostaglandin F products, when using the FAST BACK Breeding Program.Eazi-Breed CIDR increases the opportunity to improve pregnancy rates among cattle returning to heat, making AI breeding more profitable. Improved reproductive performance results in more calves, allowing dairy producers to expand their herd internally or sell replacement heifers and to produce milk more efficiently.

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