Kit4Cat: U-r-ine for a treat

October 11, 2016

This feline urine sample collection system makes cystocentesis a second-place contender.

Cystocentesis got you down? 

From an uncomfortable retrieval (to say the least!) to the messy disposal of a urine sample, there are plenty of reasons you'd throw your hands up and wish for, oh, some sort of revolutionary biodegradable hydrophobic sand that has a natural, nontoxic, urine repelling coating to help collect a clean, uncontaminated urine sample.

Well, urine luck. Kit4Cat is exactly that.

Manufactured and marketed by Coastline Global, the universally patented cat urine sample collection kit is the perfect aid for obtaining samples from your feline patients for urinalysis safely and noninvasively. Being laboratory tested and validated means veterinarians will like it. Being happily used by pets and easily collected by pet owners means veterinarians will love it.

The kit in question. Photo: Coastline Global Inc. Getting down to business 

Each Kit4Cat box contains three bags of hydrophobic sand (300 g each) and three sets of pipettes and vials for collection and storage. 

The sand is only for one-time use and should be disposed after a single urine sample is collected. 

The hydrophobic sand does not change the properties of a urine sample.

Kit4Cat is made out of natural ingredients, which are environmentally friendly and biodegradable. 

Even if it is not used, once the Kit4Cat bag has been opened, it has a shelf life of 72 hours. 

Price varies depending on the distributor you choose. However, individual bags of Kit4Cat (with collection tools) are also available for purchase on Amazon for $16.95 each.