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Keeping pets safe this 4th of July weekend


Thrive Pet Healthcare shared these safety tips for pet parents



As families and friends across the country prepare to celebrate the 4th of July with food, fireworks, and parties, it is important that pets are safe and secure in their homes as well. To help pet parents take precautions for their loved pets, Thrive Pet Healthcare (Thrive) has put together some tips pet parents can implement during their celebrations.

“The Independence Day holiday is a wonderful time to create lasting memories with all members of the family, including our furry companions,” expressed Anthony Coronado, DVM, Thrive Pet Healthcare’s National Director of Emergency Services and Urgent Care, in an organizational release.1 “If you know your pet is fearful of fireworks, it’s crucial that you proactively address their anxiety and seek professional advice, if needed. As veterinarians, we can recommend personalized solutions and provide the necessary support to ensure the well-being of your beloved companions.”

Microchipping pets

Because of the fear from fireworks or party guests coming in and out of a pet owner's home, their pet could easily sneak out. In case this happens, Thrive urges pet owners to microchip their pet and register the chip in a microchip database. Veterinary professionals can inform clients that microchipping pets is safe and effective in getting a lost pet back to his home.

Combating anxiety

On the day of an event near pet owners that is having fireworks, encourage your clients to maintain their normal routine. Because pets thrive on consistency, this can help reduce anxiety. If anxiety is an issue for their pet, have them consult with you and your team about anxiety medications to help improve their wellbeing. If medication is not an option, natural or herbal-based chewable supplements, herbal sprays, or anxiety jacks could be used to help ease the stress pets are facing during this holiday weekend.1

Blocking escape routes

Before any parties are started or fireworks lit, check the surrounding area of your home for escape routes your pet could use. For example, be sure that the fence has no holes and limit access to windows and glass doors to prevent the pet from breaking through the glass. Also, educate and instruct clients on how their pet's collar and harness should be worn to prevent the pet from slipping away.

Creating a plan

In case your clinic is closed on the holiday, help clients find local urgent and emergency care veterinary hospitals nearby. Have them keep the list nearby so if an emergency happens, they are prepared to take a sick or injured pet right to the a hospital to get the care that they need.

For the clients home, have them provide a safe space for their pet to retreat to if they are nervous or scared. The space should be in a secluded, dark area in their home and minimize outside sounds and noises.1 Pet parents can also offer positive reinforcement for calm behavior, but also lead by example and remain calm during the fireworks, to show the pet that it is not a threat.


Thrive Pet Healthcare Offers Essential 4th of July Safety Tips for Pet Owners. News release. Thrive Pet Healthcare. June 29, 2023. Accessed June 30, 2023.

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